"Mermaids and Fossils" ("Sirènes et fossiles") exhibition

Permanent exhibition


Why a museum about sirenians in the middle of Verdon’s mountains ?

40 million years ago the territory was under the sea and was inhabited by strange marine mammals called sirenians.

Where does the word “sirenian” come from ? What kind of connection is there between “sea cows” and beautiful mermaids from our childhood?    Do sirens still exist nowadays ? How do they live ?

Thanks to many objects, animal sculptures, photographs, films, illustrated panels in French and in English, immerse yourself in ancient times to rethink the contemporary world.

      Squelette et modèle de lamantin  Les sirènes de Castellane  


The visit ends with the discovery of sirenians fossils in the Col des Lèques in Castellane.

The sirenian trail helps you discover a unique in the world site provided by the Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute Provence where          40 million year old bones can be found.

This 2 km family walk starts at the parking of the Col des Lèques, located 8 km (10 minutes) away from Castellane, in the direction of Digne- les-Bains. It will lead you to a geological site where you will see sirenian fossil remains, ancestors of dugongs and manatees. Panels will explain to you the site's history.

The Mermaids and fossil's Museum is a branch of the Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute Provence.
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