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Découverte du territoire de Castellane et du Verdon

Its entire team welcomes you from April to September to help you (re)discover the outstanding natural and cultural features of the territory of Castellane and that of Moyen Verdon.+read more


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Relais du Parc naturel du Verdon

At the Information Point of Verdon you will find out what a Parc naturel is, understand its goals, see the impact of the actions carried out… with the help of mediation, exhibitions and various animations, you will enter in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon’s territory.+read more

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Maison Nature & Patrimoines

Located in the center of Castellane, the Maison Nature & Patrimoines consists of  a local museum, grouping three exhibition spacesthe Verdon's Natural Park information pointand a library-shop.

Its entire team welcomes you from may to november to  you (re)discover the outstanding natural and cultural features of the territory of Castellane's village and the Verdon. 

The Maison Nature & Patrimoines opens its doors on april 15, 2023 with new exhibitions, workshops, tours and conferences.

In 2023, the Maison Nature & Patrimoines will be hosting a new exhibition entitled "Graine de textile - Le chanvre une culture oubliée?" ("Textile seed - Hemp, a forgotten crop ?"), created in conjunction with the Petra Castellana association.
Cultivated for thousands of years for its fibre, transformed into shirts, sheets and rope, hemp was neglected for a century before seeing its cultivation revived at the end of the 20th century.
This exhibition showcases the qualities of hemp and introduces you to the history, past and present uses, contemporary artworks and botany of this unjustly forgotten plant.
Also find the permanent exhibition of the museum "Sirènes et fossiles" ("Mermaids and Fossils") on the ancestors of manatees and dugongs, this essential species having elected habitat around Castellane 40 million years ago.
Finally, three temporary exhibitions are offered to you in 2023 on the 1st floor of the Maison Nature & Patrimoines." La science a du nez " (" Science has flair") an exhibition on techniques for extracting nature's odours. This summer, come to admire the photos of the most beautiful villages of the department by the photographer Adrien Noat.  This autumn the textile creations of the artist Béatrice Derval will be in the spotlight.