Réserve géologique de Haute

Réserve naturel géologique de Haute Provence

Occupying the territory situated between the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Var departments, the Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute Provence protects and extends the value of the geological sites, fossils, and folded and broken mountain landscapes of the Alpine massif. It contributes to better public awareness of the history of the Earth, providing the key to its better understanding and promoting a better living environment for everyone.

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From vine into grapes

De vigne en grappe

« From vine into grapes: winegrowing in Haute Provence » is the Musée du Moyen Verdon’s new exhibition. It explains the history of wine around Castellane, the way vine was cultivated, the way grapes were harvested and transformed, the traditions and symbols related to wine-making…

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La Vallée des Sirènes

The sirenian trail helps you discover a unique in the world site provided by the Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute Provence where 40 million year old bones can be found.

This 2 km family walk starts at the parking of the Col des Lèques, situated 8 km away from Castellane, in the direction of Digne les Bains. It will lead you to a geological site where you will see sirenian fossil remains, ancestors of dugongs and manatees. Panels will explain you the history of the site.

Vallée des SirènesRandonnée de la vallée des Sirènes

Massive drop of water level was not the reason for the living in a prehistoric ocean sirenians of the Tabouri ravine to be nowadays at the height of 1000 m above sea level. Accumulated over millions of years, marine sediments found themselves high and in a vertical position when the Alps rose.

This walk of 1h30 will complete the visit of the Musée Sirènes et Fossiles and will show you the way Castellane used to be 40 million years ago.