From vine into grapes

De vigne en grappe

« From vine into grapes: winegrowing in Haute Provence » is the Musée du Moyen Verdon’s new exhibition. It explains the history of wine around Castellane, the way vine was cultivated, the way grapes were harvested and transformed, the traditions and symbols related to wine-making…

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Object of the week

Objet de la semaine

Description: Small wine barrel classic form. The wooden dowels (wooden slats) are held by six metal hoops riveted. Stopper (central hole for filling or emptying the barrel) is closed by a cork surrounded by tissue. One of the funds and the barrel has a hole blocked by a small cork.

Inventory number: 120 DX

Museum thematic: craft

Denomination : Wine barrel

Materials and techniques : wood and metal

Dimensions : H. 51 cm ; diam. 38 cm

Date of registration in the collections : 1992

The Musée du Moyen Verdon

The Musée du Moyen Verdon has been led by the Petra Castellana association since 1994. Situated in the Maison Nature & Patrimoines, it helps visitors be aware of the cultural heritage and traditions of our region.

The Musée du Moyen Verdon’s study area is wide and covers two departments, les Alpes de Haute Provence and le Var. It is spread between Allos, le Haut Verdon in the north, and Comps, the Vallée de l’Artuby in the south. It is focused on the region of Castellane, the cluster of mid-mountain villages situated around Castellane, between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Expositions du musée du Moyen Verdon à CastellaneMusée de la Maison Nature et Patrimoines

The Musée du Moyen Verdon offers temporary exhibitions every two years. Such a regular change of topics certainly allows “animation” of the Maison Nature & Patrimoines but also provides better value of the collection stored in the museum’s storage area. This collection gathers nearly 11 000 objects, in addition to hundreds of ethnological testimonials and a wide iconographic content.

Aiming to be easy and accessible for everyone, the Musée du Moyen Verdon varies its medium: listening points, multimedia stations, films, and an educational corner for children.

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