Communauté de Communes
du Moyen Verdon

Communauté de communes du moyen Verdon

Dans l’optique de conserver durablement et de mieux faire connaître le patrimoine, l’identité, les traditions et la mémoire de son territoire, la Communauté de Communes du Moyen Verdon a décidé d’assurer le portage d’un projet qui a consisté en l’inventaire, la numérisation et la valorisation des collections. Ce projet a été soutenu par le Conseil régional Paca au travers du dispositif « E-services et territoires ».

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Object of the week

Objet de la semaine

Description: Small wine barrel classic form. The wooden dowels (wooden slats) are held by six metal hoops riveted. Stopper (central hole for filling or emptying the barrel) is closed by a cork surrounded by tissue. One of the funds and the barrel has a hole blocked by a small cork.

Inventory number: 120 DX

Museum thematic: craft

Denomination : Wine barrel

Materials and techniques : wood and metal

Dimensions : H. 51 cm ; diam. 38 cm

Date of registration in the collections : 1992

The collections’ inventory at the Musée du Moyen Verdon

What is a museum? What are collections? What an inventory is for?

Collections show and help understand skills and local traditions. They represent the starting point of a museum, and it is essential to preserve them. The inventory of museum’s collections is one of its main missions, and has become obligatory under the Museums Act since January, 4th, 2002.

Inventaire des collections du musée du moyen VerdonCollections du musée du Moyen Verdon à Castellane

When on object enters a collection, it is recorded in the inventory register. The Musée du Moyen Verdon meets the standards of the Directorate of Museums of France. Each record number consists of the year number, the donation number (in chronological order) and the object number or 2012.5.13

Since 2009, with the aim of a better awareness, the collections of the Musée du Moyen Verdon have been registered by computer. Further to the advice of the Regional Inventory, every single object is photographed. A detailed fact sheet is created with the help of the Flora Musée software provided by the Conseil Général of the Alpes de Haute Provence.

Inventaire des collections du musée du Moyen Verdon à CastellaneMusée du Moyen Verdon à Castellane

Inventorying is a long and tedious working process, often poorly acknowledged but essential for both professionals and the public.