Exhibition Fossil's Era Present Era

22nd may - 31st October 2021


What are we looking for? Is the more important the object or the discovery? What richness is hidden in our landscapes? And what does our territory tell us?

For the first time, the Frac (Regional Contemporary Art Fund) Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and the Maison Nature & Patrimoines de Castellane are joining forces to present two exhibitions facing each other, giving the objects presented a new dimension, to the margin of presuppositions.

The Fossil's Era, Present Era exhibition questions us on the value of our past, on our appropriation and the preservation of our landscapes. A unique fossils collection of will plunge the visitor into a forgotten past, when the town was still under water. A way to discover why the Pays de Castellane has become a cradle of paleontology and what the Geological Reserve of Haute-Provence is. Maps, films, models and routes will question this past.

Within this inventory of fossilized forms, works of contemporary art have crept in, allowing a completely different interpretation of the objects presented, forging links between past and present. Thanks to this opening, the visitor will be able to appreciate the way in which the artists of our time question our history through the prism of the mineral, the landscape, the trace. The edition is also in the spotlight in this proposal, both an art object and logbook of the walking artist in touch with the landscapes that surround him.

From installation to photography, through sculpture and drawing, this selection of works from the Frac collection allows us to understand the excavation that sometimes seems to belong to another time, to make it truly topical. Our contemporary lifestyles are thus scrutinized there, as would the archaeologist in search of remains be.